Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here you have!!!

These are some of the pictures that we were taking around in this huge project about San Pedro Bautista, El Martirio (the martyrdom).
Full of snow as you can see.
We dont have much time beacuse we are running and running to be able to have all the things that we need all around Japan, so I will be posting some pictures and if I'm lucky (I mean... very lucky) I will be able to post something else... some words or a video.
Now we are in Tokyo. Crazy city by the way... Is huge and complicated I would say. However beautiful in all posible ways. Just looking at the subway you see it... It's clean!!! U.S... take a look and learn...

You can follow us in our blog.

San Pedro Bautista blog

Please forgive me because this lack of time is killing me and I'm doing this other blog also and it's on process... I promise It will be much better is a couple of days.

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