Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty Delicious

Working for Pretty Delicious. This lovely food TVshow where everything is possible… there are no limits… everything that you can imagine about food… WE HAVE IT… and it’s pretty delicious.
The host of this amazing adventure is Candice Kumai.
 In her own words
 Her mission is to help all of us ‘get real with our foods again’.
Through farm to table initiatives and going back to the soil, an understanding of where our food comes helps us all take better care of ourselves.
Pretty Delicious is a fun (and stylish!) call to action, teaching you how to nurture yourself and your family with recipes that get back to basics of cooking, just as Grandma did!
Candice studied at Le Cordon Bleu, California School of Culinary Arts, cooked on the line at Roys and VIP Events at the Ritz-Carlton- Laguna Niguel.
She was a favorite to entertain and feed celebs in the Hamptons and Hollywood Hills and has sliced and diced alongside Wolfgang Puck for Wolfgang Puck Cookware at HSN.
She’s worked as a TV Host and Culinary Guest Expert at HSN, TLC, Lifetime, Cooking Channel, Extra, CBS Early Show.
She has been featured in People Magazine, Teen Vogue, Life and Style Magazine, 944 Magazine, the Boston Herald, Variety and Riviera Magazine.

For more on Candice’s Press and info about the show, click here

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