Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Now Forager

During 6 weeks we shot, Now Forager. In words of the director

Now, Forager is a feature-length narrative currently being shot on HD around the New York City area.

The story follows a husband and wife who earn a meager living by hunting wild mushrooms. During the warm months, Lucien and Regina gather a diverse bounty of edible fungi from area woodlands and then go door-to-door selling them to upscale restaurants. When winter comes, and mushrooms go into dormancy, the couple must find temporary work as kitchen laborers to make ends meet. They constantly struggle to get by, dependent on variables of rainfall and temperature--living without the protection of any safety net.

We're collaborating with local chefs, restaurants, and wild foods experts (including members of the New York Mycological Society) to create a movie that pays realistic tribute to "the back of the house"--people who work in kitchens and those who work bringing food to the table for others.

The story takes place over the course of a year so that the audience experiences how the changes of season can have dramatic impacts on the lives of people whose livelihoods largely depend on forces outside their control. A prolonged summer drought or an early autumn frost can cost a forager a significant portion of a year's earnings.

One of Now, Forager's greatest production values comes from the exceptional beauty of diverse mushroom species growing in the wild--from the delicate but deadly Destroying Angel (Amanita bisporigera) to the glowingly edible Chicken-of-the-Woods (Laetiporus sulphureous) to the elusive spring morel (Morchella esculenta). 

That was about the story. I  had the opportunity to work with an amazing crew. Every single one was professional and we respect each other. It was hard but worth it. Long days working in so many different kitchens… However we had a lot of fun.

Thank’s to Julia and Jason (directors) to trust me and to help me when I needed it, I want to see more people like them, serious and professional, non rush, non stop. Thanks to John Nastasi (DP) because he is an amazing person and excellent professional that listened to me when I had some stupid things to say :P. I learned a lot working with him.  I don’t want to be boring writing more names but I can say, thanks to all of you that worked in this movie… you are amazing guys. I hope we can see each other very soon… working or having beers… who knows?

Upstate NY, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Stated Island, New Jersey… so many and different places that I can’t remember all of them.

The movie, I promise, it’s going to be beautiful; the story it’s amazing. Be aware to check it on the theaters or just check it on the website.


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