Sunday, December 19, 2010


The last month has been super busy.  Now I’m involved in this huge project called FADING BORDERS.

We were doing the preproduction of it, organizing everything and checking every single detail because it is complicated due to the places where we are going through.

We started this project because of them (Mathieu and Patricio) and they show us their dream; now we are driving the same dream.

This is our story:

            Mathieu de Genot and Patricio Aguirre have one dream: to go back home. To go back to Quito, Ecuador.

They want to make a trip to the south of the continent and rediscover its essence.

No better way to do it than to drive.

A trip of this magnitude involves a three-month journey through the entire continent, discovering the process of change through 10 different countries.

What better way to do it that with a car whose legacy is timeless?
Since Mathieu was a child, he has seen Mercedes as the standard for the best car. His childhood dream was for his first car to be a Mercedes. After three years of searching, he finally achieved it and now, together with Patricio, they have both decided to accomplish their adult dream:
To drive their childhood dream car back home.

This trip is going to take them through indescribable scenarios, unforgettable places that link this continent together. There was no other choice for us as filmmakers than to follow them in this trip and capture this dream as it unfolds.

We'll go explore with them the link between New York and Quito and discover the life that unifies this continent as a whole.

The director of this amazing project is Nicolás Cuellar, an astounding director and editor, full of energy and creativity. 
The Producer is Marina Nacamuli, a very hard worker that is handling with this complicated project; press kit, press release, business plan… she is doing a brilliant job.
I’m Director of Photography and first camera unit.

If you want to know the rest of the crew, please click here.

This is a beautiful story. Let’s make this happen, follow us and support us; spread  the word.

10 different countries, one dream.

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