Monday, December 6, 2010

A collection


I know I didn’t write in the last… 3 months almost.

A lot of things were coming on.

I’ve been part of a project called “A collection”, a theater play. I was shooting from the beginning, the rehearsals, meetings, discussions, fights… but everything ended up very professional. The 4 performances that they had around NYC, were completely different and I was funny to be able to see the evolution of this play. Now I can say that I know all the characters.

The Director of the play is editing the footage so we will see a cut very soon.

By now we can see some of the pictures. These are from the las performance.

The play was Directed by Ambra Tonini. Directed by Marina Nacamuli

Check it out.
Great experience, great team

 If you want to watch more click on the link below.

A collection Gallery

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