Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Boat

The Boat

The director of "The Boat" is Loabsang T.Choephel

He trusted me as DP from the beginning, first of all because we didn't have enough time to speak about the proyect, so we had to trust and work together like brothers (I have to say that Sara Leal has been a key stone in this proyect and we were working really hard everyday...Im talking about the 3 of us but everyone on the crew were working really hard and each of them did and amazing job).

Secondly because the first day that we met to speak about the proyect he looked in to my eyes and he said: -We have to make this happen.
So I said yes!!! I'm in.

The Boat

The first thing that surprised me about him, was the honest way that he has to speak with the crew about the proyect. He explained scene by scene with his heart. The story is hard and beautiful at the same time. Feelings, honesty, truth... there are a lot of human characteristics with potential in this movie and I hope that you can feel then on the movie. We are not going to be able to watch it before August 18 but now you can check some pictures that we were talking around the set.
I hope you like them.... enjoy it!!!!

The Boat

If you want to see all the pictures click on the link below

Lobsang -The Boat-

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A couple of moths ago... shooting in "El Palacio de los Serrano"

Arri Alexa... finally we will have more than toys!!!

I Can't wait to try it!!!!

Vanilla Ice-Cream

Vanilla Ice-cream Shoot

Melissa Diyab is the director of Vanilla Ica-Cream. I've been working as a Dp with her shooting this amazing adventure with a lot and amazing locations... we were shooting in the airport... in a hospital set in the Bronx, in a Portuguese restaurant in the west side... It was hard... too many thing to shoot and not a lot of time but we did it... however after the whole day working.... after this very hot days that we had... and the most important thing... after being with the actors having ice-cream the whole day because of the script.... I was crazy searching an ice-cream truck to have my well deserved soft chocolate ice-cream... hehe...

These are some pictures that we were taking around and frames from the footage that we have. if you want to see the rest of tha pictures clik on the link below.

Vanilla Ice-cream Shoot

Vanilla Ice-cream Shoot

Vanilla Ice-Cream the movie

Friday, July 23, 2010

Half Empty

Half Empty

Half Empty is the second short film that I work in NY as a DP during the last month.
I uploaded some pictures in Flickr so can see what was going on during the shooting... Jessica Manherz (Director) is finishing the final edition now so we can start with the color correction ASAP because the premiere is August 18 so we have to be fast. I invite all of you who want to come to watch it. So as soon as I have all the info for the premiere I will let u know.

Half Empty

Here you have the link to Flickr to see more pictures about the movie.

Half Empty Movie

Rossete Brothers Latino Film Festival Commercial

Juan Rossete sent me the link to see the commercial of the Latino Film Festival, the commercial that I was working as camera operator. They finished and here you can see it and leave your comments if you want. There are 3 different commercials, so maybe you can leave your comment saying which is the best for you.

Latino Film Festival 1º commercial
Latino Film Festival 2º commercial
Latino Film Festival 3º commercial

Voltereta is one the short films selected for this festival so I wish we win hehehe (finger crossed) we will see what happen in the future. By the way Alexis (Voltereta director) has finished shooting his last short film in California; Unfortunately I wasn't able to work with him this time because I was working as a DP for other short film here in NY... Any way Alexis... mucha suerte!!!
Here you have the link if you want to see about the film festival and also if you want to vote for us!!! Thank you so much.

Latino Film Festival --Voltereta--

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've been working as camera operator in a comercial with Juan Martín Rosete. It was a great experience for two reasons. The first reason is because he is a great director and after few months tolking about working together finally we did it and the second reason is because, I've been working with old friends while I made new friends. These are some of the pictures that I was taking around. I was working also with Ana Asensio, and it's funny cos we were working together in "Lobos" 3 years ago in Spain...